Friday, February 2, 2018

Autism / ASD / Asperger's Disorder Diagnosis: Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam

We have expanded our team to make scheduling an appointment easier. We have added two well trained and seasoned school psychologists to help us in the more complex diagnosis and treatment planning for children, adolescents and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We provide diagnostic testing for children one the age of six for autism spectrum disorder. Our testing procedures are aimed at meeting the requirements for the BC Ministry of Children and Family Services. We also understand that many people, after long waits to obtain an autism diagnosis are not able to get a psychoeducational assessment to assist the schools in developing appropriate and individualized education plans. We provide these psychoeducational assessments for all levels, from elementary school children to young adults entering college or university.

With the new additions to staff we are usually able to see someone for a psychoeducational assessment within 10 days to two weeks. The process involves an initial one hour session to discuss history and current issues, then there is usually two days of testing for a psychoeducational assessment. We then need a week to score the tests, gather information from others, such as school or family reports, and we write an assessment report. You are then invited back to the office to have the report explained, and to discuss how we can use the reported test results to develop better interventions and education plans.

Most school need a psychoeducational assessment in order to develop an IEP, an Individual Education Plan.

One unique aspect of our services is that everyone here has had experience in the school system, we have been school psychologist, teachers, school counsellors, behaviour management specialists and consultants for the Provincial Autism program.

For more information please look at our web page at and then, if you are interested, either call us directly or email (there is an email form on the website).

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Diagnostic Autism Assessments for Children, Teens and Adults: Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam

Dr. Jim Roche provides diagnostic assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder for children over 6 to adults. Dr. Roche has been working in the filed of autsim and Asperger's for over 25 years. He has been a teacher, educational psychologist and consultant in the field in California, New York and British Columbia. For more information on assessments or treatment od autism spectrum disorder visit his website at, or at

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Autism Diagnosis and Treatment in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam: Child, Teen and Adult

I provide diagnostic services for individuals suspected of having autism spectrum disorder, ASD (formerly called Aspergers Disorder). This includes diagnostic services for children under 19 to obtain ministry funding and qualify for school-based support services.

Additionally I see many adults for suspected autism disorder, and have worked with adults with ASD or "Asperger's" for over 25 years.  This includes working on issues of social cognition, social learning, employment, higher education and various legal issues.

I have served as the behaviour management specialist for several school districts, worked as a teacher of children with autism, as a school psychologist and as a clinical psychologist in the field. The focus of much of my work is on "social learning" and applying the techniques and methods of Michelle Garcia Winner to adults. I advise all parents, teens and adults dealing with issues in this area to look over Mitchell's wonderful site and her curriculum materials at

For more information of autism related services that I provide please visit my website at

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Adolescents and Teen Therapy for Asperger's Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder

As a Behaviour Interventionist (member of the BC RASP) I am often asked about what services I provide for children and teens with autism spectrum disorder and what was formerly called "Asperger's Disorder."

Of course, many of my patients come for initial assessments of autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, many people see me for significant/severe behavioural issues they are experiencing, that their regular behaviour interventionist can't deal with. This often involves behaviour management consultation, parent training and sometimes working with the schools and classroom teacher to develop specific positive behavioural support programs for an individual student (PBIS). This often involves observations, interviews and sometimes means writing a formal FBA or Functional Behaviour Assessment. Any behaviour plan a school writes should start with a formal FBA. If your child doesn't have an FBA, but is having behavioural problems at school, ask for someone to complete an FBA.

To learn EVERYTHING you need to learn about functional behavioural assessments you could start at the California State webpage:

This is by far the most comprehensive site for FBAs available, and I often use these materials exclusively when providing training in behaviour management to school districts.  And it's all FREE!

Often parents of children or teens see me just for psychoeducation. They are trying to implement a behaviour plan, a token or other reinforcement system, and need to know exactly how it's done. This, by the way, is covered under your provincial funding for children with autism.

But one place parents often fall down is keeping a child or teen connected with a behavioural therapist or psychologist over the long term, someone they develop a relationship with, feel free to talk to, and who can teach social learning skills over a long period of time. Often I see children or teens, after an initial emergency is over, for an extended period, but only sporadically. We stay in touch to make sure things are going well, and so that I can continue to monitor school programs and deal with issues before they become major problems again.

Some of this takes ppace within the context of what might be called "play therapy," as we play, and talk about feelings, emotional issues and work through them as we engage in activities that are distracting enough to make the child comfortable with the process.

Usually we try to also follow a structured curriculum such as Michelle Winner's "Superflex" curriculum, or one of her other books that are addressed to older teens and young adults.

While I am familiar with ABA, Floor Time and many other behavioural interventions, high functioning teens and young adults with Asperger's or Autism Spectrum Disorder have a high rate of co-morbid disorders such as depression, anxiety or learning disabilities. And...ADHD. These are issues we address together.

CBT or "Cognitive Behavior Therapy" is one of the many wys we teach skills and address issues successfully. CBT is very similar to therapies and skills children with autism spectrum disorder are exposed to in many school programs, such as The Incredible 5-Point Scale and other emotional regulation programs.

For more information please visit my webpage at or

Feel free to contact me to discuss the services I provide. I am happy to answer any of your questions.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Behaviour Interventionist /Specialist for Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders

Dr. Jim Roche is a Registered and Licensed Psychologist providing behaviour management and psychological consultation for children, teens and adults with ADHD, ADD, Asperger's Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). Services include individual, family and couple therapy, assessments and testing 0 including autism assessments and diagnostic services.

Dr. Roche has worked as a psychologist in the field for over 30 years and has provided services as a teacher, school psychologist, licensed and registered psychologist and behaviour management specialist.

For more information see Dr. Roche's website at

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Autism Diagnostic Services and Behavioural Consultation

Dr. Jim Roche provides autism diagnostic services for children, adolescents and adults suspected of having autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or what was previously referred to as Asperger's Disorder.

Assessment costs vary from case to case, but do not exceed $1,950.  Assessments for school related services for children and adolescents may need to include a psychoeducational assessment as well, which is required by school districts to develop an appropriate IEP (Individual Education Plan).

Additionally, Dr. Roche provides treatments and consultation for adults with ASD. This includes individual and couples therapy/counselling.

Finally, Dr. Roche provides behavioural consultation for problematic behaviours which present difficulties in daily life for you, your child or partner. Dr. Roche is a member of the ACT RASP and his services are covered by ministry funding for children under 19.

Please visit his webpage at for further information

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Concerns about autism spectrum disorder: Where to get advice, a diagnosis and treatment in Vancouver/Burnaby and the lower mainland.

I conduct diagnostic assessments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), sometimes called Asperger's Disorder, with individuals aged 6 and above. There are special conditions for those below the age of six involving a team of professionals that I cannot make arrangements for, however, another member of a team may ask me to participate in such an investigation. Private assessments are costly, with the cost ranging from $1,600-$1,950. The BC government does provide for these assessments through their own system. If you wish to make arrangements for the government to provide an assessment please see your family doctor who may refer you to the British Columbia Autism Assessment Network (BCAAN) for assessment and diagnosis. There are, sometimes, substantial waiting lists. Also, while at one age a child may not meet the criterion for a diagnosis, as two, three or more years go by patterns may develop that make the diagnosis much clearer, and sometimes it is very difficult to arrange a second assessment, so families often contact a private psychologist such as myself.
From the BCAAN site: "BCAAN is responsible for assessing and diagnosing children in British Columbia who may have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and will arrange for an assessment to be done as close to where you live as possible. There is no charge for their services. For more information on ASD diagnosis and testing, visit the BCAAN website or contact BCAAN at 604 453-8343." 
Often parents who wish to arrange for a private diagnostic assessment. BCANN states: "These assessments must meet the same standards and guidelines as BCAAN assessments. The clinician will need to complete a Non-BCAAN (Private) Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder form to document the diagnosis if the family wishes to apply for Autism Funding programs. Parents are responsible for any costs charged by the private clinician."  Clinicians who provide these services must have specific tools and experience, these include the use of the ADOS and ADI-R assessment instruments, required by the provincial government to accept the practitioner's diagnosis. Many times parents see a practitioner who is not familiar with the government requirements, and then, regretfully, need to have a new assessment completed. Make sure your provider knows their way around these regulations. 
I complete diagnostic assessments on children, adolescents/teens, as well as adults who suspect they have autism spectrum disorder, or what previously had been referred to as "Asperger's Disorder." In addition to being a registered psychologist I am also an approved member of the RASP list of behaviour interventionists, and my services (after diagnosis and acceptance of the diagnosis by the ministry) are paid for through ministry fundings. I provide autism consultation services to parents, families, brothers and sisters of children or teens with autism spectrum disorder or "Asperger's" who may be having relational difficulties, I provide training and consultation to individual teachers, schools, and the workplace of many young adults. i also provide couples therapy for individuals who are in relationships and one or both may have autism spectrum disorder of "Asperger's Disorder." These services are provide in my Burnaby office, and some arrangements can be made for my Vancouver office.
If your child is diagnosed with ASD, you may be eligible to receive funding from the ministry's Autism Funding Programs. If your child does not have ASD, there may be other services to assist you and your child such as tax credits or special education services and supports based upon other issues such as learning disorders, ADHD or dyslexia. Many of these issues require additional testing, such as a psychoeducational assessment.
My services are available to those with autism spectrum disorder of any age. Please contact me through my webpage at Email is the best way to make arrangements for an initial meeting, as I am often with patients throughout the day.